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Get in touch with your interplanetary vibrations with this little fidget marvel. Resembling a tiny, delicate Saturn, this necklace features a 6mm Red Agate bead that seems to float within a ring of smooth stainless steel. The Red Agate stone is known for its grounding and calming qualities. You can enjoy rolling the red/orange stone bead between your fingers, flicking or rubbing the star, pushing the stone back and forth through the ring...a plethora of ways to enjoy this petite beauty. The stainless steel flat cable chain measures 18" and is 2mm wide.


Red Agate is known for its stress relieving and comforting qualities.  It can help strengthen your inner balance and stability.


Also available in Aquamarine Jade and Green Adventurine.


Aquamarine Jade is a stone of peace and serenity. It may help to keep negative energies away.


Green Adventurine in known for its soothing energy.  It can bring about a feeling of well-being and calm.

Cosmic Roll Necklace

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