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The Smoothie Digit Fidget measures approximately 5-inches long and offers 5 substantial cylindrical stainless steel beads to roll and spin. A Digit Fidgit is a hand held fidget tool that you can use for repetitive motion to create a sense of calm and can help with focus. The rolling sensation is smooth and silent and feels good against your fingers. You hold it in your hand and roll or spin the beads to your heart's content.  It is made of nylon cord  and is highly durable and resistant to fraying. The stainless steel beads are tarnish and water resistant and will keep their luster. Pinky loop keeps it securely in your hand. Use it as a key chain or clip it to your beltloop, knapsack or bag. This smooth rolling beauty is a must-have for long meetings, school or anytime a little calming and focus is needed. 

Digit Fidget Smoothie

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